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Staminade’s zingy lemon lime fusion powder is the original Australian electrolyte drink with a unique thirst-quenching formulation.

It’s also isotonic when mixed at the recommended ratio – four scoops (approximately 65g) into 1ltr of chilled or iced water.

Not too overwhelming in taste, refreshing with a taste of real lemon. Or Queenslanders, try our new wild berry rush flavour – for fruitier notes. (Available at Woolworths in Queensland only.)

Staminade - Sports Drink Powder


Staminade Concentrate is the only sports drink concentrate on the market, formulated to give you a performance lift and faster recovery after intense body workouts.

Because it’s an electrolyte drink, and an isotonic drink it works to rehydrate and replenish lost energy and lost electrolytes.

Just mix 50ml concentrate with 200ml of water as per instructions on the label. Keep some in the fridge to mix up and throw back before and after your training and events.

You’ll like the refreshing lemon lime fusion flavour. It’s not too overbearing so you can easily drink as much as your body needs.
Staminade - Sports Drink Concentrate
Staminade - Sports Drink for endurance


To perform better (and go harder)

Drink Staminade powder or concentrate before exercise for more energy and a longer, more effective performance.

Mixed according to directions, Staminade concentrate contains 5 per cent glucose – a simple sugar that the body breaks down easily to give an instant energy boost.

Staminade powder contains two sugars – 4.4 per cent sucrose and 1.6 per cent glucose (when mixed according to directions). These complement each other, glucose giving instant energy and sucrose breaking down more slowly to give sustained energy.


Drink Staminade after intense exercise to assist with rapid replenishment of minerals and fluids lost. Faster re-hydration leads to faster recovery from all activities – from hangovers to marathons. And helps stop muscle fatigue and cramps.

Staminade - Sports Recovery Drink
Staminade - Sports Recovery Drink


Staminade’s formulation contains the right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes to rehydrate and replenish lost energy and lost electrolytes.

Research has shown that solutions containing between 4 and 8 per cent sugar make a good base for hydration. (Staminade powder contains 6 per cent sugar, Staminade concentrate 4 per cent sugar.)

Staminade also helps restore glycogen which is the main storage form of glucose in the body, located primarily in liver and muscle cells. Glycogen ensures body glucose concentrations are kept at sufficient levels to supply the brain.

During high intensity exercise glycogen is broken down to sugars to sustain body functions and can be depleted within 60 to 90 minutes. Blood sugar level drops as glycogen reserves are used up and lactic acid (a by-product of energy metabolism) builds up in muscles causing fatigue and muscle cramps.

Staminade - Australian Sports Drink
Staminade - Australian Sports Drin Isotonic and Electronic

Other essential elements replaced

Staminade is an electrolyte drink and it’s also Isotonic.

So first up, it replaces electrolytes. These are vital minerals including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chlorides, carbonates and phosphates which are necessary to your body’s proper fluid balance and allow your body to function normally. As you sweat, you risk losing these vital electrolytes. (Some sports people can lose one to two litres of sweat in an hour!)

To successfully replace electrolytes after heavy exercise, your electrolyte drink works better when it’s an isotonic solution. Why? It’s all to do with osmotic pressure - this is what keeps essential nutrients and water in balance inside cells. Beverage solutions that have identical osmotic pressure to body fluids - an average osmomolality of 250 – 340milliOsmol/L - are said to be isotonic solutions and can be absorbed into your cells, and won’t shock your body when you drink them.

Staminade powder and concentrate, when made according to directions, have an osmomolality of approximately 275milliOsmol/L and contain the electrolytes sodium, potassium and magnesium plus sucrose and glucose. So Staminade is isotonic with your body's nutrient and water balance and it’s readily absorbed when your cells need it.

Staminade - Sports Drink With Magnesium


Staminade was the first ready-to-drink sports drink sold in Australia with magnesium in its formula. We use magnesium lactate in our powder and magnesium sulphate in our concentrate.

Why is magnesium so important? Because it's one of the four most abundant elements found in the body. It’s essential for normal body function, helping cells utilise sugars to produce vital energy for cells’ mechanisms to work at optimum. It plays a vital role in the body's energy metabolism.

During sweating magnesium is lost along with other electrolytes.

Magnesium is known to help recovery from muscle cramps. And many of the sports drinks you buy in a 600ml bottle in the supermarket or corner store do not contain magnesium – check the label.

Scientists believe that endurance athletes may be at heightened risk of magnesium deficiency and consequent health and performance problems as a result of metabolic response to exercise, as well as losses incurred via sweat and urine.

Staminade - Sports Drink Compare Value


Staminade - Sports Drink Comparison STAMINADE POWDER 585G
Staminade - Sports Drink Comparison STAMINADE CONCENTRATE 1L BOTTLE
Staminade - Sports Drink Comparison COMPETITORS' 600ML


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Staminade is made in Australia by
Steric Trading Pty Ltd
a family-owned company started in 1964, based in Sydney’s western suburbs.

Staminade originally hit the shelves in the late 1970s (some of you may remember tennis champion John Newcombe appearing for the product, moustache and all).

Steric have been manufacturing Staminade since 2000 at our Villawood plant in Sydney, which is among the best accredited food and beverage sites in Australia.

The current formulation was introduced 10 years ago, with some minor changes introduced over the past three years.

Staminade - Australian Sports Drink
Staminade - Australian Sports Drink


Staminade powder was the first sports product on the Australian market way back in the late 1970s. Surprisingly this was before that famous American football product started up here. Staminade is made in Australia by an Australian, family-owned company.
Sports drinks are probably the most tested product group on the market today. Sporting bodies, consumer groups, governments, media outlets and doctors regularly examine the benefits of sports drinks. Staminade has proudly been involved in these tests over more than four decades.
Energy drinks contain more carbohydrates (eg. sugars) than sports drinks. They are usually carbonated and contain caffeine in amounts of 145mg to 320mg per litre. Energy drinks are classed under standard 2.6.4 in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (sports drink are classed under 2.6.2). Energy drinks are not recommended for drinking during an intense sporting activity as the high carbohydrate content and carbonation are more likely to cause stomach upset than a sports drink. Staminade is a sports drink and can be consumed before, during and after a heavy workout .
During strenuous activity your body can lose up to two litres of sweat per hour. Electrolytes including sodium and potassium are lost through sweat and must be replaced; if fluids are not maintained within normal limits some organ function may be impaired and drinking only water won’t guarantee the desired bodily response. Most commercial sports drinks contain sodium levels of between 10 and 25 mmol/L and potassium between 3 and 5 mmol/L. Staminade is formulated to contain sodium and potassium levels at 16.4mmol per litre and 4.8mmol per litre which are well within the desired standard. Staminade also contains magnesium.
An isotonic solution is a liquid that has similar concentration to that of body fluid. An isotonic fluid hydrates the body better than water alone and Staminade has been formulated, over more than four decades, to deliver the best possible isotonic solution.
Muscle weakness
Begin your exercise fully hydrated by drinking 350 to 700ml of Staminade every 10 minutes before you start. If your exercise is strenuous and exceeds 40 minutes, you need to regularly ingest fluids as you go - 250 to 350ml every 15 minutes. Failure to rehydrate after exercise increases the likelihood of waking the next morning still dehydrated – try drinking 350 to 500ml soon after the event. Make sure you replace weight lost during exercise with equal amounts of Staminade, ie. for every 1kg lost replace with 1ltr of Staminade
Magnesium is known to help recovery from muscle cramping and also plays a key role in energy metabolism in the body. Which is why it’s a key ingredient in Staminade, unlike many products on the market.
Staminade powder and concentrate are gluten and allergen free.
There are no sports drinks that are recommended for diabetics. Please confirm this with your doctor.
Staminade is an excellent recovery and recuperation drink after an illness, diarrhoea attack or operation. Staminade will replace the electrolytes lost by your body during these times. But please consult your doctor for advice specific to your condition. Some doctors suggest Staminade is an excellent choice for pregnant women but again please seek your doctor’s advice.
Staminade powder tubs, concentrate bottles, cardboard cartons, and even the scoop in the powder tub are all fully recyclable. You are also using less packaging – for instance, a Staminade 585g powder tub makes up the equivalent of 15 x 600ml bottles of ready-to-drink sports drink.
We also have 22.75g powder sachets (one sachet makes up 350ml of lemon lime sports drink) and a 1.5kg powder tub which makes up 23ltr. These are only available to food service customers including the armed forces.
Use as per the instructions on the label: 1 scoop (16.25g) of Staminade powder makes up 250ml. (Don’t use a wet scoop or the powder may clump in the tub.) 50ml of Staminade concentrate makes up 250ml.
Staminade 585g powder at its $9.59 RRP makes up sports drink at $1.07 per litre. Staminade 1ltr concentrate at its $4.75 RRP makes up sports drink at 95 cents per litre. Compare that to your average 600ml plastic bottle which can cost more than $5.00 per litre.
Stock up when you’re visiting your local Coles, Woolworths or IGA supermarket. Ask your supermarket manager if you can’t find it on the shelves.
Yes, in carton quantities only, picking up in Sydney or Brisbane:
- Sydney (Villawood) (02) 9728 6155
- Brisbane (Geebung) (07) 3865 5570
Cash or cheques (good ones); sorry no eftpos or credit cards.
Sorry, we don’t produce merchandise. What we do have is a great product at the right price.
As you can imagine we receive requests from many, many worthy groups, teams and individuals. As much as we’d like to offer financial support across the board, we are not looking for any new sponsorships at present.
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